This page was suggested by CDR Edward Williams as a way to document the methods that were used by shipmates while trying to prove that they served on “Blue Water”ships that sailed into South Vietnam “Brown Water” while they were aboard.    Bravo Zulu to everyone who contributed to making this information available for others who may need it.     If you have information that might help others please   


Agent Orange: Alphabetized Ships List: Click Here

The below documentation was provided by CDR Edwards Williams - Served aboard Surfbird as Commanding Officer 1967-69

The below documentation was submitted by BM3 John Childers - Served aboard Surfbird 1967-69

Adding the “Lessons Learned Page” to the web site is a great idea! I have some experience in this regard, having successfully filed a claim for disability compensation with the VA. Please review the attached documents and feel free to add all or part to the site if you think they would be helpful. Thanks, John Childers