USS Surfbird

Recognition At Adm. Nimitz Museum


Back in December 2009, Association Board Member/Chaplain Ed Fournier appoached the Association Board of Directors about the possibility of purchasing a "Memorial Wall Plaque honoring the USS Surfbird" at the Admiral Nimitz National Museum of the Pacific located in Fredericksburg, Texas. The board concurred that it was a worthwhile endevor and issued a check to Ed to get the ball rolling.

In April of 2010, Ed received a letter from from the Museum that the plaque had arrived at the museum and sent a picture of the plaque.  See picture icons below.

Later in the month of April 2010, Ed paid a visit to the museum and took some pictures of the plaque mounted on the "Memorial Wall in the Veterans Walk of Honor".

There is a letter from Ed to all former shipmates of the Surfbird telling you about the plaque and urging you to visit the museum's website at