USS Surfbird Battle Streamer

A while back I received an email from Bob Kogel along with a picture of a Battle Streamer that flew on the Surfbird during WWII.  Here is the contents of that email along with the picture.

My father was a Yeoman 2nd class V6 USNR on the USS Surfbird. His name was Carl (Charles) John Kogel he passed away in 1986.

He served in the Navy from 8-18-1943 until 5-22-1946. His serial number was 8183129.

He was on the following ships:

The USS Charleston

The USS Campion AM-314

The USS Shoveler AM-382

THe USS Surfbird AM-383 (Not sure what years but the Surbird is the ship that he talked about most of all.)

He also spent time at the Minecraft Training Center in Mayland.

The picture of the battle streamer that I sent to you flew on the Surfbird. I do not know the specific date.